A Clear Difference

We say it all the time: the difference is clear. The Skinny Coconut Oil requires 50% more coconuts to produce. In its liquid state (above 78°F) it looks like water, completely clear. That is the true sign of purity in coconut oil.  How do we do it? We've patented a process called the Nutralock System™ that removes the water from the coconuts without using heat. With this discovery, we were able to produce raw coconut oil that is unmatched in the coconut oil industry. Coconut oil isn’t just for eating; in fact, the amazing properties of coconut oil extend beyond nutrition. Our premium beauty products contain five ingredients or fewer and combine 100% pure coconut oil with therapeutic-grade essential oils to create skincare as nature intended. Our beauty products will give you everything you need to moisturize, repair, and protect your skin...naturally.

Chemical Free Coconut Oil