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Maintains the water balance of skin, thus delaying cutaneous aging.
Moisturizing care for dehydrated to normal skin types. Restores natural hydration. Maintains the water balance in the superficial layers of the epidermis thus delaying cutaneous aging. Restores a fresh and smooth complexion.

Hydro-Control Emulsion

SKU: 7640132680072

    Cleanse the face with the Deep Cleansing Milk or the Shower Hydrating Milk SL and follow with the Stabilizing Lotion. Apply the Hydro-Control Emulsion on the face and neck and massage gently to allow total penetration. Twice daily, morning and night. Use alone or combined with any of the other Physiodermie products.

    Can also be used in combination with:

    • The Anti-Redness Bioarome (FL) 5-10 drops: for dull, dehydrated and chapped skin.
    • The Soothing Bioarome (CN) 5-10 drops: for sensitive skin.
    • The Normalizing Bioarome (HY) 5-10 drops: for asphyxiated skin.


    • Exclusive PCbG Balancing complex.
    • High concentration of Hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract and sodium PCA.
    • Vegetal Natural lipidic Complex: Borrage, Shea Butter, Sesame, Squalane from olive (essential fatty acid omega 3 and 6, oleic acid, phytosterols).
    • Hydro-stabilising complex: Sodium PCA + Hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights.
    • 10x concentrated Aloe Vera gel.
    • Vitamine E derivative.


    • Micro-encapsulated emulsion (MEIMA) rich in powerful moisturizing agents.
    • E3C concept Balancing, revitalizing, protecting.


    • Rich in moisturizing complexes that quenches the epidermis to plump its appearance.
    • Restores balance, suppleness and natural moisture of the skin. Smooths the texture of the skin.
    • Ideal preventive anti-aging treatment.
    • Perfect moisturizer before make-up application.
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