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Body: Spider veins, heavy legs with a tendency for water retention.
Purifies and balances the skin to improve its radiance. Renders a younger-looking and brighter appearance.

Bioarome HY Normalizing

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    Use alone or in combination with other Physiodermie products depending on the skin condition. When used alone, apply a few drops of the Normalizing Bioarome on the affected area and massage in gently to allow total penetration. Face: Mix 5-10 drops of the Normalizing Bioarome with a Physiodermie Emulsion, twice daily. Dark circles: Mix 1-2 drops of the Normalizing Bioarome with the Eye Contour Micro Gel. The quantity of Bioaromes used must always be less in volume than the product with which it is mixed.


    • Synergy of natural essential oils of Cypress, Lavender, Peppermint and plant extracts of Witch Hazel.
    • Phospholipidic Complex.
    • Hydrating Agent.
    • Vitamin E derivate.


    • Micro-encapsulated fluid formula, instant penetration, non-oily texture.


    • Provides an instant freshening feeling, and helps relieve tiredness or uncomfortable feeling of heavy legs.
    • Moisturizes and softens epidermis of heavy legs.
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